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Meeting the Need of your community

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An innovative online portal which makes use of data science and statistical analysis techniques

to assess changes in the socio-economics of an area in England and Wales.

Uses open-source and constantly updating data to highlight socio-economic issues and make

predictions about where demand for support will be needed.

Draws upon in-house algorithms which predict a range of factors at a granular level such as:

changes in wages, skill requirements, industries hiring, redundancies and the number of people in need.

Enables organisations to have access to data on their locality and respond to community demand,

gain insights on changes in the socio-economics in an area, improve the lives of individuals,

especially those in vulnerable groups and enable businesses to prosper in challenging circumstances.

Looking to make smarter decisions for the future of your community?      

You’re in the right place. We understand that balancing strategic planning for the future

whilst providing prioritised targeted support to those who need help is challenging.

We’re here to help.

We can help your organisation respond to community need. You’ll gain insights on changes in the socio-economics in an area including skills, wages and job roles that are happening now and in the future.

Our intelligence shows you where your work and community effort can change the world.

We have carefully gathered a range of metrics to help you forecast and plan for the demand in your local vicinity.

Our secure portal will keep you accurately informed about the changing face of your area,

so you can make smarter decisions.

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