Bays Consulting will work with you to:

Why Bays Consulting?

We love digging into your data to find hidden trends and patterns that improve efficiency, reduce waste, and solve frustrating problems. We develop robust, defendable models, and provide the accurate, high-quality analysis you need to drive your business forwards.

After 10 years of consulting with all types of business, we can confidently say that your business will benefit from the power of data insights. Let us do the analytics, data science, and statistical analysis so that your people can focus on the implementation phase.

Why use an external consultancy?

Companies like yours use consultancies like Bays for a wide range of reasons from wanting niche expertise to support in-house capabilities through to outsourcing all of their analytics and data science requirements.

Using a consultancy allows you to focus on your core skills and work by freeing up your time.  Bringing in expertise and a fresh pair of eyes can reveal what’s blocking the full use of your data to answer your problems and business questions.

Bays Consulting provides the specialist expertise you need to initiate and structure those data science projects that you have been unable or unwilling to start.  Maybe you just need help understanding the question you really want answering? Perhaps you need someone to “wrangle” your existing data into a useable format? Or maybe you want to “move on” from Excel into programming languages that provide new insights?  Whatever your challenge, talk to Bays consulting – you’ll be glad you did.

By bringing in external expertise, you make the best use of your resources to confidently integrate and use data to answer your business questions.  Stop being overwhelmed by data and start harnessing its incredible power.

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