Dr Sophie Carr

Image of Dr Sophie Carr

Meet Sophie, founder of Bays Consulting. She’s always liked playing with Lego which turned into a fascination with aeroplanes – and the start of her career. After training as an engineer, Sophie gained a PhD in Bayesian Belief Networks and has worked in analytics ever since, or to put it another way Sophie has made a living out of finding patterns. The only other important things to know are she prefers fresh coffee over tea, pears over apples and her favourite flower is the tulip.

Matthew Silverman

Meet Matthew, Data Scientist at Bays Consulting. After completing a BA in Mathematics, he spent the following decade building and delivering data-intensive systems for visualising security and fraud risks. In his role at Bays Consulting, Matthew focuses primarily on data pipeline engineering, data visualisation and cloud computing. When the working day ends, he enjoys music, reading, and walks on the common.

Holly Jones

Image of Holly Jones

This is Holly, Data Scientist at Bays Consulting. After completing a master’s degree in Mathematics with Statistics she decided to join our micro consultancy to work closely with a range of different clients, helping them to find understanding in their data. Outside of work, you will find Holly in the gym, walking the mountains of North Wales and socialising with friends!

Hannah Johnstone

Introducing Hannah, Data Scientist at Bays Consulting. As an ex-soldier, ex-police officer, and ex-business owner, Hannah brings a unique set of professional experiences to the team. She is currently working towards a BSc Data Analyst Apprenticeship and is studying statistics. In her spare time Hannah can be found running, kayaking, walking, camping and loves being outside.

John Kirkwood

Image of John Kirkwood

This is John, Bid Manager for Bays Consulting. From working on an electronics test bench, to various tendering roles in the Control & Instrumentation industry, after roughly 40 years of work John thought he was safely retired…and then along came Bays Consulting. Although totally different from what went before, John is loving his role as Bid Manager. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, walking in the woods and making and tinkering with all sorts of things.

James Hawkes

This is James, Head of Delivery at Bays Consulting. After completing a Master’s degree in Engineering, James initially spent five and a half years leading and managing soldiers in the Army. He then jumped to the private sector to work in the technical parts of a global bank, and then moved back to public service where he worked on technology policy and strategic communications campaigns. James is enjoying making use of both his management skills and technical background to ensure Bays is finely tuned to deliver at its optimum level. When not in the office, James enjoys music, learning languages, and hiding from his two very intense cats.

Jessy Zhang

This is Jessy, Marketing Manager at Bays Consulting. She is an experienced marketer who has a varied business background with hands-on practice in dealing with all elements of the marketing mix. Skilled with both traditional and digital techniques, Jessy brings her expertise in developing new strategies to best promote our services alongside raise brand profile and drive Bays market exposure to further afield. In her spare time, Jessy enjoys cardio exercise, drawing and socialising with families and friends.

Zeynep Bicer

This is Zeynep, Data Scientist at Bays Consulting. After completing a degree in Mathematics, she decided to join Bays and combine her knowledge of Mathematics with her passion for code in order to solve problems, tackle challenges and create insight from data for clients. Outside of work hours she is a huge movie buff, video game nerd and secretly an accomplished knitter.

Parwez Diloo

This is Parwez, Data Scientist at Bays Consulting. Having gained First-Class honours in BSc (Hons) Mathematics, Parwez  began his professional career with Bays Consulting as a Data Scientist in 2021.  He is also a member of the Royal Statistical Society. Parwez brings with him a wide array of skills and experience ranging from pure mathematics to python development.  He has recently been working on projects involving using historical data to make predictions and working on the back end of the application to optimise the users’ experience. He also speaks five languages. Outside of work, Parwez enjoys doing sports, travelling, arts and socialising with friends and families.