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Be the best. Not the biggest!

Our Mission

Building a better future using maths, not magic.

Our Vision

A world where all lives are positively impacted by maths.

Our Values

  • People first
  • It’s nice to be nice
  • Be true to our word
  • Use maths not magic

Founding Principle

To provide a workplace where the hidden workforce can find work and thrive in tech in a friendly and supportive environment – to build an ethos where work-life balance is valued and prioritized.

Putting people first is literally how we roll. Always.

Dr Sophie Carr

Sophie is the founder and director of Bays Consulting. Sophie’s first love was Lego, then aeroplanes; her career followed suit. She trained as an engineer and took a PhD in Bayesian Belief Networks, working in data analytics ever since. Or to put it another way, Sophie has made a living out of finding patterns. Sophie is VP for education and statistical literacy at the Royal Statistical Society and the World’s Most Interesting Mathematician. Sophie is also the first cohort of data scientists to achieve the new, defined standard of professionalism award from the Alliance for Data Science Professionals.

Despite all her achievement and knowledge, Sophie wants to Read. Read. Read. Then read more.

Holly Jones

Holly is a Data Scientist. She joined our team after completing a master’s degree in Mathematics with Statistics. Holly specialises in machine learning and works closely with a range of different clients, helping them find meaningful insights in their data.

Holly’s positive attitude and charming personality can help her overcome any challenge. It’s safe to say she can take on any tough project and turn it into an easy-to-understand solution.

James Hawkes

James is the Head of Delivery. James has a master’s degree in engineering and over ten years of experience in delivering a wide variety of projects in both the physical and virtual domain, and in the military, government and private sector. James is enjoying making use of both his management skills and technical background to ensure Bays is finely tuned to deliver at its optimum level. His ‘Execution beats strategy‘ mindset drives Bays projects forward.

Jessy Zhang

Jessy is an experienced Marketing Manager. She has been marketing in various business sectors and has hands-on practice in dealing with all elements of the marketing mix in both B2B and B2C environment. Skilled with both traditional and digital techniques, Jessy is developing new strategies to best promote Bays services alongside raise brand profile and drive Bays market exposure to further afield. Jessy helps the team to Think it. Define it. Build it.

Bukola Ayanwale

Bukola is a seasoned Project Manager with an MSc in Computer Science and Information System Management. Her passion for project management ignited during her academic journey, and she excels at leading teams in complex projects, consistently exceeding client expectations. Her enthusiasm for digital application development and data modelling fuels innovative thinking.

Parwez Diloo

Parwez is a Data Scientist. Having gained a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics, Parwez began his professional career with Bays Consulting, bringing with him a wide array of skills and experience ranging from pure mathematics to Python development.

Parwez practises Kindness, always. Kindness is the key to success.

Zeynep Bicer

Zeynep is a Data Scientist and Data Engineer. After completing a degree in Mathematics, she decided to join Bays and combine her knowledge of Mathematics with her passion for code in order to solve problems, tackle challenges and create insight from data for clients.

Zeynep proves Excellence is not a mountain to climb; Excellence is the next 5 minutes. Nothing seems impossible to achieve for Zeynep, she will solve any problems fast and easily.

Juan Rubio

Juan is our Product Owner. With a degree background in Systems & Industrial Engineering and extensive commercial experience across pharmaceuticals, health, consulting, and technology, Juan brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for data to our team.

Juan support the tech team and prioritise tasks to ensure our solution meet customer needs, and drive innovative data projects forward.