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Elevate Your Crowd Safety Management with Bays Crowd

At Bays Consulting, we recognise the unique challenges you face when managing events. Ensuring the safe delivery of the event is your top priority. We’re here to provide you with the tools and insights you need to make your crowd safety management effective and mitigate risks effortlessly.

Understand and Access Crowd Safety Risks

Bays Crowd enables you to assess crowd safety risks and identify potential hazards. With our intelligent crowd simulation tool, you can predict and visualise crowd behaviour to anticipate and mitigate risks as people arrive, move through venues, and disperse.

How Can Bays Crowd Help

Streamline Risk Assessment:

Bays Crowd simplifies complex and time-consuming risk assessment operations for event safety. It’s all about identifying and controlling risks in a proportionate, practical manner, without overwhelming you with complex process, saving you time and money. 

Proactive Hazard Identification:

Quickly pinpoint and identify potential hazards related to crowd dynamics; affecting crowd safety, such as trips, falls, surging, threat, and more. This information is vital for effective risk management. 

Why choose Bays Crowd

Assess Crowd Safety Risks and Identify Hazards:

Bays Crowd identifies potential hazards associated with crowd movement, dynamics, and behaviour from a small-scale street party to a large-scale event of 60,000 people. Bays Crowd’s flexibility and capability ensure you’re ready for any event. 

Safe Capacity Determination:

Bays Crowd helps you determine your venue’s safe capacity, ensuring you can accommodate the expected crowd safely. Predict worst scenarios and determine safe crowd capacities, make data-driven decisions.

Why choose Bays Crowd

Attendee Profiling:

Bays Crowd allows you to create attendee profiles to understand behaviour based on factors like age, sex, social groups, scenarios (event type), and venue layout to tailor safety measures at your venue effectively. The insight aids in making appropriate arrangements for crowd management. 

Support Crowd Management Planning:

Data-driven insights help you create efficient crowd management plan, considering your venue’s design and drawings. This plan ensures a systematic approach to safety and allow you to respond to accidents and emergencies effectively. 

Why choose Bays Crowd

Post-Event Review and Continuous Improvement:

It’s good practice to use Bays Crowd’s insight to debrief after an event to review crowd safety methods and improve for future events. 


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