A Week at Bays Consulting

On the 28th May I, like so many students up and down the country, was excited to finish my GCSEs. I had had 3 months of almost nothing to do, which in my mind, was perfect. I was only two weeks into my holiday when I became desperate to do anything that would involve leaving the house. Thankfully, Bays came along, and before long I was on the train to Guildford, ready for my first day in the office.

I enjoyed every moment of my week at Bays. It was an amazing learning experience. It was challenging, energising and fun all rolled into one. The work itself was fun but the experience of small business and office work was what I was really there for. There are only a few companies like Bays, and with data science being the fast-growing industry that it is, experience in this environment is invaluable. The ability to connect with like-minded people while creating value for your clients is everything! There is immense satisfaction in completing a task or solving a problem whatever it is size or importance, and Bays gave me the opportunity to have a crack at this style of working.

Being an intern at Bays is an amazing opportunity to get ahead when it comes to job hunting in the future . It gives you the chance to learn from data scientists and data engineers and get experience that you could not get anywhere else. The work you will be doing at Bays will be varied and exciting. You will have the chance to be involved in numerous projects, from data collection, all the way to modelling and presentation to clients. My skillset has increased tenfold since the start of the week and will make my CV shine when I look for work in the future.

By Aidan Pogorelow

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