How Bayesian Belief Networks can help you reason, predict and explain.

This week Bays Consulting will be presenting a workshop at the Young to OR conference on: The Power of nodes and arcs: How Bayesian Belief Networks can help you reason, predict and explain.

Whilst you may have heard of Bayes Theorem, have you ever built a Bayesian Network? If not, the workshop offers a practical one hour introduction on how Bayesian networks are being applied in areas from bioinformatics, analytics, sports science, insurance and marketing. These powerful graphs could help you to in you explaining and predicting results.

The workshop assumes no coding ability nor have any knowledge of statistics. All that is needed is a spark of interest, a willingness to join in and a pencil to draw graphs.

You’ll leave having an understanding the concepts involved in building a Bayesian network with case studies from across the field of operational research. From the outset, you’ll be working with Bayes theorem, building your own network and through group exercises start to investigate the power of a Bayesian network to provide clear audit trails of decisions taken, update results as information arrives and explain results obtained.

If you’re going to #YOR20 I look forward to seeing you there. If not, but you want to learn more about Bayesian Networks then get in touch – the coffee will be on me.

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