We are Baytonians

With a degree in Master of Arts, I never dreamt of working in data science and alongside some great mathematicians and number nurds. After more than a decade working in marketing, and a year with Bays Consulting, I’m now proudly calling myself a Baytonian.

So, what does our company Bays Consulting do? We deliver data science, statistical analysis and consulting services to others. We tackle problems and create robust models to help others find value in their data; and turn their datasets into useful information.

Bays is a small team of twelve, made up of dedicated individuals who are passionate about their work – and it shows! Each member brings their unique skillset to the table, and together we work towards achieving our business goals.

Recently, we had a team day with Sarah Wilcox, an HR expert. We thought about what our cultures and values are as a company. We are not only mathematicians and statisticians who crunch numbers every day—we have a creative side, too. Sarah asked us to make posters using images from magazines to represent who we think we are! Our entire team worked on this request, and the results were amazing. Two posters were created and they truly reflect what it means to be a Baytonian!

Our posters showed that we used people and faces 16 times; nature/plants images 10 times; animal 4 times and food images 3 times. The rest of our posters used books, sea, boat, train and bike. Apparently, the stats indicate we have a humble nature and are genuinely nice people. As Mister Rogers said it best – “There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.”

Beside kindness, we are focused and determined, willing to take on challenges and risks in order to succeed. Because we are ‘the most resilient’, we want to ‘reach our goals’, and ‘leave a lasting legacy’.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of a small business, but it’s important to remember what makes your company special.

At Bays Consulting, we work in a collaborative environment where ‘everyone wears many hats’ and teamwork is key for driving growth. We believe in our mission and each other, which is why we’ve been able to grow our team from just three people to twelve in just 12 months.

Working in a small business is rewarding because you get to see your hard work pay off by watching our company grow each time when we complete a project; release a new product or service into the marketplace; win a new client; appear in an industry award.

There are so many advantages of working in a small business, but to work in a small business you must be willing to experience every part of the company. In doing this, you gain invaluable knowledge and skills in no time at all! If you’re constantly learning, then you’re constantly growing, which makes you more passionate at your job.

We’re all working together to grow the business and make the world a better place – and that’s what makes us special! We are Baytonians.

By Jessy Zhang

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