Why should businesses consider starting a podcast?

If you know me, you probably know I have a passion for podcasting. Through both my university studies, as well as external research, I am learning more and more about the exciting world of podcasting. So that brings me onto the topic I want to talk about today: why should businesses start podcasting?

It’s a great marketing mechanism.

When I began researching podcast marketing, I was expecting to discover lots on how to market podcasts through conventional marketing means e.g. social media promotion. Yes, this is certainly an important part of it, but what I didn’t realise is how effective a podcast as an entity itself can work as a marketing tool for attracting potential customers. Creating a podcast, and getting it listed on major directories, can draw in a niche audience, which may increase the chance of reaching the right people.

Furthermore, having a podcast can also have huge SEO benefits, boosting up your page ranking. Moreover, podcasting provides the opportunity to display the personality behind your business, causing listeners, and potential customers, to gain a level of trust towards you. Listeners may go on to recommend your podcast to others, further increasing your potential customer base. These are just a few of the many wonderful marketing benefits of podcasting, and with a quick google search you’ll be able to find many more.

It’s low cost and accessible.

I admit, it’s difficult to label podcasting as completely free as you will need something to record the audio on. But recording equipment doesn’t have to be fancy. You can keep it simple and record on your phone or perhaps invest in a simple USB microphone to plug into your computer or laptop. There are some great USB mics on the market which produce high quality audio for a very reasonable price. I currently use the Rode NT USB mic and can hands down say it has been a really great investment.

Furthermore, once you have sorted your recording equipment, distributing a podcast is absolutely free. There are a number of easy-to-use podcast hosting sites you can upload your episodes to and, after you’ve done this, it is simple to get listed on iTunes, Spotify and other directories without paying a penny! (Clearly there are also premium subscriptions for creating ‘fancier’ looking websites too, so it depends what you are after)

It’s continuing to grow in popularity.

Podcast listenership in the United Kingdom (UK) has been increasing year-on-year, reaching an estimated 15.6 million listeners in 2020. (Statista Research Department, 2020)

The number of people choosing to listen to podcasts is rapidly increasing every year, and the pandemic has only increased these numbers further. Podcasting, being a relatively new concept, is something many businesses are yet to jump on the bandwagon of – so there’s never been a better time to do just this.

It’s fun!

My final reason is simply that I believe it is a lot of fun. I think we all need a bit of fun at the moment quite frankly. It can be a great team bonding experience, (if you plan to interview colleagues for instance) and is something that can be done remotely.

So where is the Bays Consulting podcast, I hear you ask?

I am pleased to say the Bays Consulting Podcast is well under way in terms of behind the scenes production. Our concept is ready, and the next step will be setting dates for recording the interviews. There are a few more design and technical elements to set up, and then we look forward to releasing the podcast in the coming months. Keep your eye on our social media channels for the latest updates!

By Abbie Jenkins

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