Case Study – Artsmark Award

Arts Council England develops and invests in artistic and cultural experiences that enrich people’s lives. Artsmark is the creative quality standard for schools and educational settings in England. Undertaking the Artsmark journey raises the profile of arts and cultural education, embeds creativity within the curriculum and supports the development of partnerships with arts and cultural organisations.

The Arts Council wanted to understand the full impact of a school’s Artsmark journey on all who engaged with, and benefited, from the award. In response to this requirement, Bays Consulting used thematic analysis to both identify key trends and create a living evidence base from the analysed texts. The resulting evidence base enables the Arts Council to elicit relevant, salient and unique points made by those who have achieved an Artsmark Award, whilst also underpinning future impact assessments, strategic decision making and investment decisions.


This project has given us huge insight into a school’s experience of Artsmark. Bays Consulting did a fantastic job of turning our data into tangible results which we can use to develop the award. Sophie’s wealth of experience in data analysis and unfaltering enthusiasm helped us to reach outcomes we didn’t even know where possible. The insights gained from this project will have a long-lasting impact on developing the programme. – Millie Brookes, Arts Council 

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