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A while ago I was a different person, I don’t mean I’ve undergone a radical makeover or anything too rash(!) but I do mean that psychologically I had a completely different mindset, I loved my work and didn’t mind that I gave so much of myself to it.  I had worked since my PhD and had been totally devoted to providing the best products for clients, for the best value for money – hell I’d even gone overseas to work within the client’s world; Then I became a mum and my focus had to shift to my family.   However, like a lot of working mums, I got ‘mummy guilt’ and with good reason too, I was working away from home for 4/5 days per week and feeling like ‘the pre maternity me’ at work, but missing my family so much.

So what changed?

Well one day while doing the horrendous 4-hour journey home from a week away at work (going home to my husband and two small children) I saw a lorry with some words written on the back “CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY” and I thought ‘Do you know what?  I will!’ and from that point I worked my notice period and looked forward to being a mum and wife again.

So imagine my joy at being contacted by a former colleague to be offered a role with her company doing the kind of work I love, but doing it all from home and part-time hours to fit around school hours!!! Too good to be true?  Not at all.  Sophie @baysconsulting has realised the power of flexible working and the benefits a happy employee can bring to an organisation.  By enabling me to work on the types of projects I enjoy and being realistic about hours, Sophie has permitted me to be both mum, wife and me again.  Hopefully, there will soon be many more employers like you, and therefore many more happy working parent families.


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