Finding Patterns and Trends in Data.

I’ve made it to halfway through the week and truth be told I’m absolutely exhausted.  The rhythm and pattern of life which comes with running a small business has been the same as always – trying to stay on top of cash flow, sales pipelines, marketing, fee-earning work…that endless cycle which I love being part of.  But on top of this, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a fun packed week spotting and finding patterns and trends in data.  That has meant a different city every day which complicates life and running a company.

I’ve always liked patterns – there is something about a predictable, repeating shape that I find enthralling.  From the beautiful structures, I get to see at Kings Cross train station…

…to the over-engineered straw pyramids, I built whilst with the National Science Museum Learning team…

…through to working as part of a team to locate where you are in areas of denied GPS patterns are fundamental to my work.  Whilst beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, the sweep of a smoothed trend, the cycles of seasonal data,  the predictions over time are just as elegant as the architecture in the new maths wing at the Science Museum.

There are so many different ways to find patterns in data, and if you’re not sure where to start get in touch.  Don’t miss out on the excitement of seeking out hidden patterns, trends and associations in your data whether that be sales, performance, research or results data.  Yes, work is hard and tiring and I can’t promise analysis will give you the answer you want.  But ask the right question, develop a solid analysis plan carry out robust investigations and the results can be as awe-inspiring as a genuine masterpiece and the data doesn’t have to be complete or perfect to start with!

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