My Work Experience at Bays Consulting


I have just finished my A levels in computer science, physics, mathematics, and further mathematics, and I’m eagerly anticipating my enrollment at the University of Bath this September to pursue a degree in mathematics. This is not my first-time doing work experience with Bays, as I spent two inspiring weeks with them last year, in which I was amazed by the diverse range of tasks I was able to engage in during that time. After a year of academic learning and exams, I was thrilled at the idea of coming back, and I am extremely glad that I have done so. 


I was lucky enough to be able to work on a simulation project, the very same project I contributed to last year. It was amazing to see how the project which I helped with had progressed throughout the year and was now in a position where it was being fully used.  

To begin, I did some research for the new feature I was tasked with: the possibility for a new behaviour in the simulation. Once I had collected the necessary information, my next challenge was to shrink the problem down into something that would be feasible within the simulation. Part of this step involved determining probabilities for the behaviour, a task that required taking into account a wide number of different physical and probabilistic factors. This was a very complicated task as I had to calculate, using these tiny, seemingly arbitrary numbers to create a realistic outcome. 

The next step was implementing this feature into the code, primarily using the Pandas package. Given my limited experience with Python (I was using Java for my A levels), this task initially seemed daunting. However, thanks to the supportive atmosphere at Bays and the willingness of my colleagues to help, I felt encouraged to ask questions at any time. Eventually, I managed to develop a working solution to the problem.  

It was great to be able to work on something that felt meaningful and to be treated like a valued member of the team. Everyone at Bays made me feel welcome and taught me a lot. I would recommend anyone with similar interests to do the same, and I hope to return to Bays in the near future. 

By Max Burton Philips

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