Social Media: Expanding Our Horizons 

Growing up as part of the ‘millennial generation’, there has never been a time in which I haven’t been aware of some form of technology in my life. That being said, it is incredible how rapidly it has developed in my time. One of my earliest memories is, every so often, running downstairs to my Dad’s office in the evening to play games on the one computer in the house. In the current day in our house, we have four laptops, four mobile phones, and a tablet. How times have changed! However, for me, the biggest change has been the development of social media.

Often when we see articles on the influence of social media, the negative effects are more commonly displayed than the positive effects. Indeed, it is hard to deny that social media has the potential to have a negative impact on people’s lives. For instance, too much time spent on social media can disconnect us from the real world. Furthermore, social media can be the cause of unrealistic expectations and self-confidence issues. 

Although often ignored by mainstream news reports and articles, the birth of social media has also been beneficial for many people. As I write this I’m currently in Singapore, studying a month-long digital marketing course at Nanyang Technological University. Thanks to social media I haven’t felt the need to buy a SIM card – as long as I’m connected to WiFi I can stay in touch with family, friends and keep up to date with the rest of the Bays Consulting team. 

For Bays Consulting, social media has expanded our horizons, allowing us to connect with businesses worldwide with ease – something far more time consuming and challenging to do without the presence of social media.

“Smart phones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever.” – Daniel Goleman

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