Starting out in a small company

Upon leaving university, I had a strong idea of the type of work I was looking for. I had spent the past year applying for data scientist roles in companies of all different sizes without knowing the importance of finding a company that was best suited to me.

I’ve always thought of myself as an introvert – inclined to stay in the background whilst working in large groups and avoiding putting forward my opinions when possible. So to begin my career in a large company always seemed quite daunting knowing how easy it would be for me to become a small fish in a big pond. It is often easy to go unnoticed and to escape from any real responsibility when you first join a large firm. Joining a micro company, it’s impossible to hide away!

This time last year I was joining the Public Speaking Society at university with the hope of becoming a little more confident in speaking in front of a crowd. I had given my first talk on my greatest fear (public speaking!) and left the session never wanting to go back. Fast forward a year and I will be speaking at an RSS conference to over 200 members in the upcoming month. If you had told me this time last year that I would be offered the opportunity to present at conferences of this size I would never have believed you, let alone that I’d agree to do it! However, having the support of a close-knit team, knowing they will be supporting me along the way has given me the confidence to put myself out there and give talks like these.

Working in a small company has opened up many exciting prospects in such a small amount of time. I have already learnt a great deal and I am so excited to carry on working on a range of different projects with various clients. I am confident that working in a micro consultancy will help me no end – it’s not easy, and it’s true that you are completely thrown in at the deep end! You must be willing to experience every part of the company but in doing this, you gain invaluable knowledge and skills in no time at all.

I look forward to my next few years at Bays Consulting and for all the opportunities that present themselves. I could not recommend joining a small company straight out of university enough. Especially if, like me, you don’t often push yourself outside of your comfort zone – they will do it for you!

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