Want to expand your skillset? Work for a small business.

Let me begin by saying: I love working for Bays Consulting. I am so grateful to have a fun and flexible job in which I am able to bring my own skills to the table and, moreover, have the opportunity to learn so much more. That’s what’s so wonderful about working for a small business – nobody wears just one hat.

I often get asked ‘what exactly is it you do in your job?’. The truth? It can’t be summarised in a simple sentence: no two days are the same. There are certainly some constants e.g. writing and scheduling twitter posts. However, everything else varies week to week and month to month. The variety is what makes me leap out of bed in the morning. Each day brings new learning opportunities. What’s not to be excited about?!

Working for Bays Consulting has opened the door for me to create an ever-expanding skillset. In August I composed the first Bays Consulting Newsletter. This tested both my design skills and writing skills – I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve also been getting involved with our ‘Meeting the Need Project’ which has allowed me to practice research skills in an area unfamiliar to me.

With my university studies this year being somewhat unpredictable and inconsistent it’s been so great to have had the chance to continue learning new skills through my role at Bays Consulting. If you are lucky enough to be offered work in a small business – do it! It will open so many doors for you to grow as a person and explore areas of interest you may never have considered in the first place.

By Abbie Jenkins

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