Tips for navigating through curve balls.

The first half of the year has disappeared in a flash and at times it’s felt as though I’ve been pushing jelly up a hill with chopsticks. There have been times when I’ve been deeply frustrated, and all I’ve seen to have had to show for my effort is proverbial bits of jelly scattered in my wake.

I don’t need to tell you that over the last year or so there have been some huge changes across all industries. The seemingly never ending shifting sands of business have at times just made we want to scream. If just one facet of work would stay constant for the briefest of times I might catch my breath. But no such luck and on reflection, that is just the control freak in me lashing out.

Just to be clear, this blog is not a whinge. Far from it, the roller coaster of steering Bays Consulting through the moving floor plates and curve balls that have come flying in has, at times, also been exhilarating and made me laugh out loud. There are literally hundreds of posts and blogs of what has changed in business recently and what people need to do to get ahead. But what hasn’t changed in the last 6 months?

1. The need for sleep. Sounds corny, doesn’t it? But what I’ve realised is I can’t maintain perspective and make decisions if I’m shattered. I’m my own worst enemy with this advice and I’ve lost sleep worrying about things I can’t control. But I know I’ve got to sleep.

2. It’s nice to be nice. We’re all busy and struggling to keep on top. Yes, there is a Machiavelli in all of us (and I’ve deployed mine on occasions) but actually being nice to people makes business much more pleasurable. Reputations are hard to build and take a heartbeat to destroy so before you shout, just think and if you can help someone then do so.

3. Networking is worthwhile. Get back to the basics of how you built up your business and got to know people. Yes, it’s hard to get out of the office but face to face conversations and different perspectives can really get you thinking.

4. Staying up to date with what you’re really good at makes you passionate about your work. Read those books and articles on the topics that drive your work passion. Remember your love of learning new facts? There are lots of ways of horizon scanning – pick the be that works for you so you regularly remember why you work in your area.

5. Planning gives focus and helps keep you calm. From strategic company planning through to project planning and everything in between, if you don’t know where you’re going you’ll get distracted, loose focus and flounder.

So, what’s not changed? Basically, being human but that’s what really makes business drive forwards. That and being a Yorkshire terrier who just won’t let go of a good idea! Let me know your thoughts on how to navigate these challenging times.

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