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One of the huge perks of owning a business is working with the team to define the company mission, vision and values.  We did this last year, but recently we realized they were no longer fit for purpose – that’s not to say that we’d fundamentally changed what the company does, but how we explain where we’re aiming had.  I think a simpler way of saying this is we’d grown into our own skin as a team, and had become more comfortable in using our own words to describe what Bays does.

Seeing the team come together and determine what brings us together was fantastic.  There was lots of healthy debate about what we do and who we serve (our mission), and what the result will be when we achieve that (our vision).

Bays’ mission is now Building a better future using maths, not magic which articulates the importance we place on helping the world move forwards, and our ability to explain our reasoning, approaches and outputs to the work and services we deliver.  So what happens in this future? Well, our vision is even simpler, to have A world where all lives are positively impacted by maths.  It is all too easy to see in the news examples of where bias in data sets and algorithms (particularly machine learning algorithms) leave people out.  We want a world where everyone benefits from the power of mathematics equally; where everyone is engaged in the important conversations that shape society, such as the ethics behind the development of driverless cars.

Then there are the company values.  This is where I think we’ve really taken ownership of the language we use to define who we are:

People first –  this is literally how we roll.  The founding principle of Bays was to create a tech company where anyone can work: part time work is normal, caring commitments are expected and we know life is not something that happens around work.

It’s nice to be nice – we want to help, and are kind. 

Be true to our word – We are committed to delivering on our promises and holding ourselves accountable.  We’ll help you get the numbers right, but will never get the right number because it fits an agenda.

I’m so excited to see how we show and live these values, and am looking forward to another year of Bays doing Maths, Not Magic, and I’d love to hear how you set about developing your company’s mission and vision.

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By Sophie Carr

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